>Final Review About ICTVC

>In order to attend the ICTVC conference in my department’s expenses … I was asked to write a review about it. So … This is it!!!

The International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication was an interesting experience only by attending it. However it was a Conference from designers to designers and it looked mostly Academic to Academic with mostly typography subjects and presentations on their work to other colleagues without some answers to questions such as Why this happens, Where is the mistake etc that made it difficult for someone in a wider circle of interests to understand.

As a Student of a Communications department, I found a lot of parts boring because of my ignorance about the matter (mostly the typographic subjects). Still, the conference gave me a lot, not from the perspective of learning (as knowledge) about the Visual Communication part in which I was interested, but what I would need to have in mind while I created it, the real market as experience by professionals and especially what a Graphic Designer would need from me at this line of work, or as a partner.

About my last point, I understand that a Communication and Internet Studies student will always be a Web Designer or a mediator between Web Designer and Designer (Graphic, Web or other). Thus, I need the skills to communicate correctly and transfer the right messages with an understanding of both. ICTVC helped my by giving me a glimpse at what a Graphic Designer understands, how can he/she create what I want as a Communicator and how long he/she needs for lower to better quality results.

That was the general “earnings” I had from the conference, now, about individual presentations that were more … special for me, I could name some:

Firstly, the ones from Santosh Kshirsagar – The Language of Children and Alessandro Segalini – The Hemingway design were interesting in understanding how a human understands and translates the world with his/hers perspective and means.

Useful ones were the “An Investigation into the brand identity of CyBc” by George Souglides, Marianna Kafaridou, Andreas Tomblin, Andreas Ioannou, as well as Jasso Lamberg’s “Transformer with a daily deadline” that could give me some guidelines for media and new media identity and design creation, for older and newer ones.

Later, it was the “Picture It” by Myra Thiesen, mostly Dyslexia treating methods (learning difficulties and such) and researches but with a Graphic Communication interest, using Visual communication to help people with certain difficulties. Her presentation showed how people understand some more abstract (but solid too) words and meanings using pictures as a secondary communication source.

Then it was the “A drop in the Ocean” presented by Angela Morelli was the most Scientiffically  based, merging Science with the Graphic Design to help communicate the message in a better way, not really helpful but undoubtedly interesting.

As I wrote earlier, I might one day be a mediator in a web based job, so … the “Graphic Design and Visual argumentation: A practical theory” presented by Karel Van Der Waarde was the part that could help anyone understand how a Graphic designer thinks presenting how important is their work and how delicate in certain products such as drugs (the pharmaceutical ones).

The, followed a really useful presentation on online designing by Pert Van Blokland “The inevitable strategies for online Publishing”, too much to even begin to mention, but he mentioned the best ways of using multiple programming languages helping with designing and making design more automated and fit for future needs than it is now using Html(5), css and object oriented programming.

Just before the end, was Susanna Dulkinys with the “How to built a chocolate brand“, making everyone realize that how you communicate your product as a unique and interesting one is the most difficult, time-consuming but also important and maybe more important than all the others such as its flavor.

Finally, Neville Brody‘s closing speech of the Future, gave us a glimpse of what is yet to come, but cannot be described without the feeling of being there to hear him. Summarizing it, is that – We do not know the future, but we will need to adapt to it and create especially create the culture through Graphic Design – maybe is just a poor description of his incredible speech.

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>ICTVC – International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication – Day One

>sAs a communication student, I fount Interesting the idea of a Typography and Visual Communication conference. Of course, typography is out of my field of study/knowledge and I was only interested in the visual communication part.

I was a little disappointed when I realized that everything had to be connected with design, Graphic design or such … Even if some of the topics were far too boring or just uninteresting to me, the only real problem was that the main concentration of the subjects for the first day was mostly in each presenter’s personal work and just a minor overview without the important (at least for me) the Hows and the Whys, making them mostly academic to academic … meaning a closed circle of professionals and not educational enough for someone like me hanging in the line that differentiates design and communication.

Until the end of the day, I found about 3 interesting topics that I will comment later and finally the reason which brought me there, or at least a new one. It might not be a conference that could help me as a professional in communication but bits of it could help in pars of my future work. Finally, it was a way to learn about a Communicator’s best partner, a Graphic or other designer, helping me understand and maybe later communicate better with them.

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