Back to blogging with a poem

After a big absence from the blogosphere, I decided to come back to this domain.

I probably won’t be blogging too often, but for a fresh start, I will write down a poem I wrote a few days ago! Enjoy!

The Road of Dreams

As I walk the road of dreams,
In my so peaceful bliss,

May our minds meet in peace,
Oh so lovely it is to sleep.

So I wish you a goodnight,
Kisses, sweets and stuff oh so nice,

And as the night passes by,
Sleep well, me dear dreamer!


A conclusion Already!

Andrenaline. Pumpin, sourcing, running through my veins,

Anxiety rising

Brain activity rising,

Every drop of water in my body a welcome touch,

Every drop a different touch,

The abyss’ sweet kiss of oblivion smiling to me,

A hand is stretched towards me,

A sweet temptation from the sweetest tempter,

A succubus that lures you,

Think nothing, feel nothing else…