What I learned this week: Viral Marketing

QUICK INTRO: AS of this Monday, I have been working in a major telecommunications company as part of my practice/experience course. I have been placed to the marketing department for the television, but also visiting several other offices,  following people to meetings or reading their work and talking about several projects. As a Communications student with specialty in the Internet, I know a few things about marketing and more about the Internet part. So, It looks like I will be writing for what I will be learning this summer.

THIS WEEK’S MOST important “word” was Viral. Viral as of Viral Marketing strategy for promoting ones’ image. But what exactly is a “Viral Marketing” and how can someone achieve it? Wikipedia’s definition of viral marketing are buzzwords that are used as marketing techniques at social networks in order to produce and/or increase brand awareness or some other marketing goals using the people to spread the word, just like the way viruses spread from machine to machine or human to human. A viral marketing comes with a vast variety of forms and can combine several forms such as text, pictures, videos, sounds electronic games and others. This marketing strategy is used in such way to promote sharing in social media and the internet equivalent of word of mouth.

THIS BECOME EASIER, with the introduction of social media in our lives. As there were some examples of viral marketing in the past internet world, nowadays, social media and people who are active in social media make this easier to spread a really simple but clever viral campaign. The whole idea begins with … an “idea”, a simple but catchy phrase or funny video or just something unusual or even a competition that people like so much to share it with friends or are given an incentive to share it, thus making it go “viral”, meaning that it spreads without much effort from the releaser of the campaign. Usually it requires some form of media support from the creator, but the most successful viral campaigns can be traced in all over the internet, as bloggers will recognize it as a fad and comment on it, or your friends will share it and major websites or internet media outlets will notice it and write about it as a “phenomenon”.

THATS THE BASICS of a viral marketing campaign over the net. The interesting part, is that I am living in a country of 1 million people and the companies here are not always merged or having a parallel campaign with the 10 million Greece (which is the only country in the world with the same language and similar culture). What happens when people … or the market … grows tired of the viral campaigns? Or will it not grow tired? Thats an interesting question that we might learn in the future.