>And people tell me that pirated movies are bad!

>HOW THE WORLD works right now? In the movie industry, you are going to the cinema which is a means of entertainment and culture production (some times), in order to be entertained, pass your time feeling some kinds of emotions, usually fun, happiness, horror/terror, love etc. You pay for that a certain amount of money, before you see it, having in mind that you will be satisfied. As I am now at Sweden I will talk about their cinema charges, which is 110 kronor for a 3-D movie and 75 kronor for a normal one (which translates to a little more than 11 and 7.5 euros, in american dollars must be near 20 and 15).

BUT IF THE movie is not good, what happens next? You have supported a film that has taken about 2 hours of your life? As a media student I am coming face to face with researches and opinions of mostly people with interests in the entertainment industry that p2p technology seems to be their enemy, taking away a big sum of money. On my point of view, it seems that as a consumer I pay a lot more than what the media industry is offering me these days. Most movies I have watched the last 2-3 years were not worth my money, I have seen more than 20 movies in cinemas the last two years and maybe near this amount of pirated, but only a few ones were worthy of my money. Is it me or the system need to change?

LAST COUPLE OF years, the movie industry seems to consider that making a movie 3-D is making it better, but the better for them is not quality but profits, because people want to check the new phenomenon. But in reality, they do not adapt, or are using a lot of their budget in the 3-D technology and under-budget for the rest of the movie such as actors,supernumeraries, direction and storyline/scenario.

AFTER SEEING A movie, and this time was Avatar: The Last Airbender. I paid 11 Euros for it and I believe everyone could do a better job if they used their budget in better everything … EXCEPT 3-D. But I can’t really ask for my money back. So, my point is, that a new way must be found, in order to show to the “entertainment” industry which movies we support and which not. I would love to be able to first see the movie and then pay an amount equal to what I believe it was worth as a support, because I would want to see a movie as good as this next time. I would want to be able to support movies I like and disapprove or  show in an economic way that I didn’t like it, not paying and being an un-satisfied customer with no way of protesting than writing in a web document.



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