>Music, a message in so many levels!

>INSPIRATION IS NEEDED, for a creation. My inspiration? another night in a club, in a kind of music that does not feels like me. Music is in a lot of cases an indicator, an indicator of the soul, ideology, beliefs, biorhythm, state of mind, mood and so much more.

COMMUNICATION? WE ARE used to music as entertainment, but we never think of it as communication. However, a main use for music was through entertainment to pass on messages, stories and myths. It was also a way for creative artistic persons (and still is) to express their emotions through music, or for ideologies to create their own kind of music to inspire people. Music is a powerful tool for reaching the souls of people, their conscious and subconscious or even cloud their thinking and judgment.

DIFFERENT MUSIC STYLES mean different styles, thinking approaches or actions. The beat-music in clubs signals to the brain that it is time for dancing, every music gives a kind of rhythm, a message of which affects the kind of movements or maybe the frequency and speed of the movements we are doing … that is called dancing. Also, people with more interested in lyrics than the rhythm, might want to identify themselves  with all the other persons hearing the music and the artist in an emotional state that might be love, happiness, sadness, self-destruction, creativity, fun or more primal such as sex and hate.

EACH PERSON, IDENTIFY themselves with one or more kinds of music that are most likely their character’s, type of entertainment or memories that they want to relive. For me, Rock/soft-Metal music reminds me of the way I like to have fun with friends in specific places with that kind of style. That’s why I am writing this, in a different town with different kind of entertainment, I find myself missing my friends but also the kind of entertainment I have with them in the form of place and music. Clubs have a specific beat-like music in opposition with bars that are more rock-oriented (exceptions can exist). So, a music that I don’t so much like but only can “stand” for some time, creates the need for a musical environment. That is also connected to the psyche of a person, as the music I like it connected with beliefs, emotions, memories etc.

CONCLUDING, MUSIC CAN indicate so many things in our lives, and we can identify some characteristics of people by what kind of music they hear, but also their beliefs or ways of entertainment (of course this kind of thinking most times can cause us to misjudge people, as it is a more complex thing). Music unites but also divides people. It is a part of our lives that!



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