>Media ethics or media use or media idiots

>THIS POST IS different from what I am usually trying to write, as it is mostly my frustration at some “higher power” that controls my fiber optics. This power is the technician which has put some restrictions at the web access at the hostel that I live the last month and for the next 2 months. 40plus people living there, accessing the internet through a house modem with a 10mbs internet speed.

I AM STARTING TO feel like a teenager with a parental control program on his computer. Implying that the reason the internet is always disconnecting is because a lot of us are using youtube and visiting porn sites simultaneously making the router disconnect us all. Of course, after a week of “banishment” for these websites, as much more like any website with flash game and video or audio streaming (i think the technician just disabled the html tags for multimedia on the web).

THEY THINK THAT because we are university students, bechelor and masters in there, we only use the internet for emailing and educational purposes. However, their limited perspective doesn’t let them accept the fact that some multimedia services can be used as informational tools or educational purposes such as tutorials or serious videos. Also, are we not allowed to have some “fun” whatever that means to anyone, or are they the ones responsible for our ethics controlling if we want to visit porn? If they thought a text was inapropriate would they censor it, or if a web game is too violent, are they our parents to decide if we will play it or not?

IS IT JUST that they are stingy and don’t want to pay more for internet? or a new router? It would solve all the problems in a matter of days that need to install the new router and the updating of the connection. Even with all their “banning” we still can’t even talk to skype with our families and we have to choose ours of “less traffic” in our hostel.

UNACCEPTABLE, WHEN THEY earn 10 000 euros, 100 000 SEKS (about) from all of us and can’t spend a less than 1-2% for a better connection. Shame on the money making machines of owners. When accessibility to the internte is a need and they find excuses to not let us access it …


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