>History … How is History being communicated?

>A CRUCIAL PART of our life. History affects decisions, actions, expectations, opinions about subjects and people. It is the past that affects the future. Also, knowing history is considered a MUST for students in every country and every age throught the whole world.

BUT FIRST A parenthensis, why am I thinking this … and why all of us should thing about it. I am studying for a semester abroad, as an Erasmus exchange student. Every time, I go out of my room, I find myself surrounded by people from all the continents, from all over the world (ok … not from Antartica :p). Some of them are considered allies … other neutral … other enemies. But the question is … are they really the ones that history taught me? What has their history taught them about me? Closing the parenthesis!

WE SHOULD CONSIDER, that history is written by the winner, but also that each nation has its own nation-centric history, one that was written to boost its ego and promote the governments or previous governments’ interests. That is why we should consider how history has been communicated, who sents these messages, in what context/time and what might be their purposes. We must know history, but we must learn to understant the changes of history and that the people with which our people were in war, or just opponents or slaves and slavers or hated each other or even allies are not the same and they won’t be the same.

HISTORY TEACH US lessons on how to continue and what to change, what path to take and what not to, but history shapes our mind as a skilled metal worker his raw metal and can create a protective shield for us or a sharp sword for our enemies, but we should learn that this metal is old and needs to be reheated and maybe change form because corrosion is affecting it.

A LAST MESSAGE: learn history, but learn it from all it’s sides. You might be proud for Alexander the Great, even if you believe he was Greek or Macedonian … but how many people has he killed? The Byzantine empire sown the roots for christianity in other nations as the Ottomans spream muslism, but how much people were killed in the process? A lot of counties were under English rule for decades or centuries, but it is not the english people’s fault, maybe their ancestors or their previous kings …

HISTORY WAS WRITTEN for you, but you should write your own history. History is malleable to the hands of the politicians, but the present must be the guide for the relations between people.



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