>Communication by Erasmus

>COMMUNICATION IN ITS most primitice form, is the transfering of information in an immesurable scale of possibilities and combinations from point A to point B.

EVERY LIVING ORGANISM has a way of transfering information inside its own body but also at its environment.

HUMANS, ARE ONE one of the most social animals in our known universe, meaning that they/us need to communicate with others for various reasons and it is like a “need” that needs to be fulfilled every a while.The usual communication environment for humans for thousands of years is their community, other humans, their animals, pets/for collection or eating, but also their creations, machinesI (most common nowadays).

TO COMMUNICATE IS a need so powerful that can drive a person crazy not to communicate for quite much time. Nowadays, it is so important that if you can’t communicate, you are like a savage beast alone in an unwelcome jungle.

PROLOGUE FINISHES HERE, and I enter my main subject. I am at Sweden for the past week in the Erasmus program as an exchange student to Karlstad Universitet. I am lucky for two reasons, first and most important, I hace come with a good friend with whom I can communicate in our language and secondly that I know enough english and I don’t hesitate to use them. But I am unlucky because of problems with the internet , reducing my communication ability, our new form of communication for the last decades that tends to overcome the others.

NOW, ABOUT ERASMUS, it is an incredible opportunity for me as a communications’ student to observe the creation of International friendships, the relationships and group creations in opposing forms of Country1 + Country2 persons or Country1 only persons and their relations to other groups/persons outside these groups. How the first relationships tend to be more powerful and importand and how a room sharing can influence a higher level of relationship even through different cultures.

NEARLY CONCLUDED … I am a labrat among labrats observing other labrats in a social experiment of enormous proportions and variations happening around me all the time.

THE QUESTION, HOW can you survive in this environment. The ability to communicate in an unknown environment is important. Our need to ask and find or understand coding of a different society – example – The supermarket has its products only in Swedish and maybe another one or two of the scadinavian countries … What do you do then? Language and their logic ate interconnected with each other … you either try to understand or you ask … either way it is communication and you choose either to decipher or by communicating with a mediator.

MORE OBSERVATIONS, QUESTIONS and possible answers, soon.


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