>A poll

>I WAS READING again a little more from the book of Thomas L. Friedman, the World is flat. He was referring to Wikipedia , Youtube, Facebook and other websites or media that changed the world as we know it, giving at everyone the power to share. His main topic was uploading. But an idea was created in my mind … as a media student, I should have searched a little more and thing a little more about these ordinary sites that affected the world in an extraordinary fashion.

I WILL THINK it a little more and create a post about one of these, but I ask you, you as my any reader, to take part in the poll you see at the right of your screen next to this article and give me an idea of what you would like to read, vote and visit again soon for an interesting commendatory story of the history and evolution of a web-idea that changed the way our world works.

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4 responses to “>A poll

  1. >I have already searched about blogs but a little more about history and how they came to be what it is would be interesting, I will consider social networking a little more too then, thank you.

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