>If I had rules and broke them … then what?

>DO I FIRE … myself?

YESTERDAY, I FINISHED an article suggested to my by one of my professors. Its main point is the code of ethics in political blogs until 3 years ago. Most of them had none, however it was an interesting research  ( you can find the full article here ) and it gave me an idea, or more like a need for my blog.

MY BLOG NEEDS an ethics code, but as the researcher (David D. Perlmutter) noted, in some blogs the code of ethics is not written but just exists in the head of them (this is my own summary of thoughts after reading the article and the writer didn’t write it this way). Like my own code of ethics, is never to lie and not plagiarize.

THE QUESTION THAT came up then, was: “Do I really need to write an ethics code or not?”. Do I really have to state my ethics or just do it? Luckily, an answer came up to the paper as I was reading it. The answer was from a comment on the site http://www.cyberjournalist.net/news/000215.php ( found the comment through the above article): “I question the need for a code of ethics. The blogosphere will typically “fact-check your a**” if needed. Bad info and continued lies calls your credibility into doubt, which makes your blog a lot less worth reading. Sort of a self-correcting phenomenon.”

THEN … DO I need a code of ethics or not? Personally I agree, as much accurate and truthfully I write, I will be okay. In case my blog becomes famous and has a lot of readers, they will regulate me, I am only one person and my posts cannot exceed the reading and critical skill of a reader or readers. However, in that case I will need a code of ethics, not for me, but for my readers :p. It is quite funny, thinking that they will regulate me, finding my mistakes, but I cannot allow someone that might use an inappropriate, racist or threatening language to comment.

FINALLY, THE CODE of ethics is a discussion … mostly with myself, that will happen in another time in the future!!! I will be pleased to read your comments, opinions and suggestions on this topic. Thank you!!!


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