>Overview of the Blog Project

>MY PERSONAL PROJECT, to create and try to promote my own blog was an interesting endeavor. I suppose that phase one has ended, as last week I hadn’t find any inspiration to write and my readership (quite limited has dropped). However, I have learned quite a lot of things about blogs.

BUT FIRSTLY, THE numbers, I was having readership average a little over 5 persons per day, that disappointing me a little, but it was a valuable lesson when seeing my only spike of 50 persons. That happened because I wrote an overview of the ICTVC conference ( International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication), but it was not just the topic, but the link on twitter … Linking Mr. Petr van Blokland  through my twitter page and his “approval” of the post making him re-tweet it gave me a 50 persons spike plus some more the next days. That suggests that traffic can be easily driven from one webpage to another (of course it was already known, but experiencing it firsthand was a valuable lesson).

OTHER ATTEMPTS OF similar links to other webpages such as comments on other blogs/articles (too few) were not successful, and that because I had no comparable article because I have yet to find a similar blog/website (based on opinion/thoughts). That suggests a topic change for me, especially when combining it to my attempts to “meet” and learn the Cypriot blogging community and continuing writing in English. Leading me to the thought of bilingualism in the form of 2 blogs. This one as an English writing for the international events (will be analyzed why below) and a new one in greek for more personal thoughts in my native language,greek and changing to wordpress.org so I can try a new software for building blogs.

ABOUT THE ENGLISH blog being this one, it is already built and needs only some (or a lot) improvements plus that I managed it t be searchable by search engines, at least one person came here from yahoo and I think it is still too low on google. Now, about wordpress.org, an article and I think the organization support that is search engine optimized.

FACEBOOK AS SUPPORT: Facebook and twitter gave me the most visitors for every new post I had. Mostly I had some friends who read my posts from facebook and some from searching through twitter. Only 20 friends joined me on the facebook page I created to promote it and through them I had 8 more people. I believe that most didn’t share but at least the number grew in about the one month and some days that I had started blogging. Promoting using an ad was and is still not an option as the content is not enough to convince people to become readers and it is also not soon enough updated, but I believe it would be a really good investment if I promoted it using a facebook ad.

COMMUNITY AS A problem, as I couldn’t join yet a community. Internet nowadays looks a little chaotic as the information online is enormous. I might also be looking using wrong keywords, but my real problem is the lack of a fixed topic and not enough hours of reading/searching for other blogs.

READING ABOUT ONLINE journalism was a nice topic starter, but as I already written, last week I didn’t make any progress. Of course my online searches, articles about blogging (given to me by 2 of my professors and didn’t managed to read more than one until now) and the book I am reading from Thomas L Friedman, about how the world has gone flat have helped in a better understanding of the above.

HOWEVER BLOGGING AND its effects on the world will not stop here for me, I am just passing through a checkpoint and going into phase 2 – Bilingualism. It is quite interesting how online media are being created and affect the public sphere, and might be an interesting topic about my thesis (which is a long time away) but it looks like a good head start for me. This blogs main topic will change to Media related topics + random news I find interesting (but mostly the first) as the new one will be focused on personal and local events/news/opinions.

PROMOTING HOPING IN a web-like event. In theory, the blog will grow as I grow around it a web of comments, tweets, posts in social networks, sites and growing my relations with others in the community. That is what I have gathered from studying (articles mostly online) and from personal experience. That web will be enlarged as I “catch on my web” people with their own “webs” of similar or even different type than my own, making them comment/share/link will grow exponentially my own “web”.



2 responses to “>Overview of the Blog Project

  1. >φίλε καλή επιτυχία με το blog σου!δεν ξέρω σε ποιους απευθυνεσαι αλλά προσωπικά για μένα αν και γνωρίζω αρκετά αγγλικά το γεγονός ότι γράφεις αγγλικά είναι ένας αποτρεπτικός παράγονταςγιατί πρέπει να μπω σε διαδικασία ολόκληρη όπως και ναχει, καλή προσπάθεια!

  2. >Σαν φοιτητής γράφω για μένα αλλά και για οποιονδήποτε ενδιαφέρεται για θέματα της μπλογκόσφαιρας. Αυτό βασικά ήταν ημι-ακαδημαϊκό Post. Προσπαθώ να μπω σε μια κοινότητα της μπλογκόσφαιρας αλλά και να καταλάβω κάποια πράγματα για όλους όσους ασχολούνται με το διαδίκτυο και αυτή. Αν θές, αρχίζω καινούργιο μπλογκ στα ελληνικά, μπορείς να διαβάσεις το καλωσόρισμα. https://empneusmeno.wordpress.com/

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