>An event, a party or something completely different???

>EACH ONE HAS a story. Tonight, I was in a music/beach party event. I was looking around (mostly checking out girls ;p). Suddenly, I realized that, each person, each couple, each group had their own story.

LOOKING AT TWO guys talking to a girl while hearing the rocking music, their movements had become parts of a musical. Taking a look at my right, a girl with a dirty and full of holes t-shirt and an old jean a few sizes bigger was walking away and then coming back to her friends, a kind of trash rebel … or a poor girl? a choice, a lifestyle, a need, a story of pain or anger, a story of romance or craziness … who knows?

A FEW PACES AWAY, some friends were talking about facebook, a familiar story, a familiar media, but a different experience for anyone. In front of my, a company of rockers drinking beer and later on throwing beer to all of us around … KEO and Heineken as I had seen … nice but not my choice ;p. Looking away, in the sea, small groups of people, mostly women taking an evening bath accompanied by music.

FURTHER TO THE sea where some rocks were dividing two parts of the beach, a romantic place for smaller groups who wanted to enjoy their party in a another way, in opposition with the hard rockers or pop crazies just below the scene jumping and singing and dancing in the pulse of the greek rock!!!

IN THE MIDDLE, myself, being taken away from the magical atmosphere of greek rock, away in another world of my own creation, writing the draft for this post , being a victim and a perpetrator the same time in the inspiration that had filled me that moment. Stories of each and every one, possibilities and impossibilities for who is this person and what is his thoughts, what is she like in daytime, what is he doing for a living, what are her dreams and her fears . . . The stories taking life and surround me, fictionary but not impossible, but still alive in the moment. 

THE TRUTH DIDN’T matter, we were all one and different, a mass but individuals, all but nothing the same time, we were all enjoying our time there, with our own different ways, but still the same event. Because music is divided by genres, but it unites all the people.

THAT IS MAGIC … that is the magic of music !!!ENJOY!!!


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