>My straw has gone bitter!!!

>THROUGH ALL THE ecological unfriendly things I tend to do, at least I have some things in mind that are ecological friendly. One of the minor things to do is that for the last 4-5 days, i don’t change the straw of my frappe. After I finish my frappe, I just leave the glass on my office until the next time I want to make a frappe. I do not know if it is kind of unhealthy, but I find it logical as I am the only one drinking from the same glass for nearly a week (and it is the 4th or 5th time I do this, changing the straw after days and about 6-7 times of drinking frappes).

HMMM … AT LEAST it seems that it might work as an action for re-using something that is not recycled but usually considered as one use only conserving some … plastic …

A LITTLE CRAZY,  a little bit of boredom today that makes me write this post down that seems almost completely incoherent if I read it as another person, but it is completely coherent for me. Strange … I like to be strange …

ANYWAY, ANOTHER POINT, small things in life help us in the 3 Rs to help the environment,reduce, re-use, re-cycle. Another thing I have done today and always do, a simple thing … When in bath, try conserving the water. When you do not need it to wash away the shampoo/conditioner/soap just turn it off until you need it. The same can be applied when brushing your teeth.

EASY SIMPLE THINGS in life just helps the environment, isn’t it great? How the tiniest of our actions can affect the universe? A chain of events that can change everything. Even if you think in a molecular level, even your breath can change what might happen in the next 10 minutes, maybe a clearer air around someone helps him/her think better because of more oxygen to the brain, a brain more, a higher score test, that might lead to … let’s say … a better job? or … arrogance? or more pocket money … or anything … a small action in the classroom … hear or not your teacher you might learn or miss an information that might be important later in your life … Strange, incredible … or plain stupid? Whatever you call me it is the truth!!!



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