>My introduction in the Blogosphere

>TODAY, I DECIDED to visit as much as I could of my country’s blogs, trying to find content to write on my blog. I thought that, in order to participate in the blogosphere, I should read and comment and post my own opinions, so I could add mine in the bigger sphere of opinions, the one called blogosphere.

BUT TODAY I understood my mistake. I shouldn’t look for inspiration in order to participate. The public sphere, in which part of it is the blogosphere, is much more, I don’t need to write something to be in it. I realized this by reading for about 2 hours blogs and posts by others, reading opinions that were influencing my opinion. For the last 2 hours I was already in the blogosphere and I was a part of it. Maybe I wasn’t the one influencing the flow of events, but I was a granule of sand being moved around by waves of thought in the ocean of human opinions. That small granule was being influenced and as time passes it will grow to a wave, but it first must learn the ways of the sea in order to survive. Although, so many opinions need a lot of critic thought to be read and think before believing in them.

A VALUABLE LESSON was today’s journey. A valuable lesson that the blogosphere is not to be used  without the realization of what it is, because it can drown you before you can react, or else you will be alone in an empty land, if you only try to give your opinion and not hear others. I was in the shallow waters for too long, for about one month, but now that I went to deeper waters I realized and just kept myself from not drowning.

A NEW WORLD, a world of flatness (as Mr Thomas L. Friedman would say) where everyone is equal in the public sphere is coming and it is an ocean that will drown the unsuspecting or the unbelievers of its power. A democracy of the web, the time when everyone has a place in the agora and at the  podium. Everyone has his or hers microphone, the only need is for the rest to turn on the speakers. Hear the voices so you can add your one amongst them.

A NEW ERA has begun and is changing the world. Do not be afraid because it is already here and it is good.

THAT IS MY own opinion, but to be fair, you should say yours to. I will be waiting comments on that, so the public sphere will grow stronger with all our opinions put together, even if you disagree with me right now…


2 responses to “>My introduction in the Blogosphere

  1. >Hi there! This is exactly what blogs suppose to be, an open field for citizens, groups and individuals. I usually don’t have enough time for going around the sphere but trust every time I do it I am very happy. There so many treasures out there, wonderful and inspired people with lots of fresh and great ideas. But…why in English???

  2. >Mr. Pittas, as I explain in my first post, http://malnicsworldview.blogspot.com/2010/05/new-blogg-arising.html ,I created this blog as my personal summer project. My main reasons are my opinion, promotion of the blog and maybe earn some money by adds in the way. It is in English because I want to try and promote it by any means to as much people in all over the world, giving me a greater audience. I am thinking of using two languages if I find a way of letting people choose what kind of language they prefer to read, but a little later.

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