>Green The World – A personal effort for everyone.

>I WAS LOOKING for inspiration about my blog, that is when I remembered a site I rarely visit which was created by a friend of mine. The site is Green The World and it is his personal effort of online influence/help the public sphere towards an understanding of our world and how we can save it step by step with anything he can think of sharing.

THAT IS THE effort of one trying to change the world, because change is good, because change is a need, a need for our own and our planet’s survival. Each one of us in a personal level has to do his/hers small steps towards a greener world, a world with less emissions, less garbage and planet friendly.

SMALL STEPS ARE easy to do, not need for much effort and can easily become habits, tiny habits that change the world day by day as it happens with the butterfly effect,  a tiny act that can have incredible future effects, changing the future in a better way that it was supposed to be by inaction.

EACH ONE OF us can start by simple think that can be done. A small first step is garbage control, controlling your garbage, avoiding throwing papers,wrappers or small things like chewed gum and cigarettes outside while walking or driving, a matter of self control for waiting a few more meters until the next garbage bin or having a small bag inside the car.Then it is the triple-R:

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE… Another small step is having a bin for each of the recycled materials, for more information there is extended information at Wikipedia. But basically, you  only need to have in mind that paper, tin, plastic and glass can be recycled and should be put to different bins or bags in order to be collected by your locale recycling company, if you have your own business that has a lot of materials that can be recycled you could easily make some money from them, maybe it is not worthy the time but it is morally worthy to do so.

AFTER THAT, THE bigger steps can begin, such as renewable energy, energy efficient car/house and more!

ANY MORE IDEAS? If you want to share your small steps, how you started helping the environment, please feel free to comment.


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