>Third World Countries

>I AM EUROPEAN, what are you?

I WAS READING some news nowadays, but two things have made me thought more, about old thoughts that are resurfacing from time to time. First, it was last night’s documentary about Africa and the case of the Muntial, secondary it was General Mc Chrystal’s scandal. But what is common with these two?

THE EXPLOITATION of third world countries with unimaginable natural wealth. These days, most men watch the Muntial (women too) the top Soccer/Football Competition. Most media have shown this year’s event as the chance of South Africa, a Third World Country to take advantage economically and culturally from this. But, the amount of money going to the football village or whatever they call the place that happens, stays there and is used by few people for these few to make money. The average African might  see the event IF he/she has a tv or a friend who has. The money that goes there from some of the wealthiest nations of the world are only to entertain their population and that population is mostly the Western Countries of Europe and the Americas plus the wealthy ones of Asia, that hardly goes above 50% of world population. They make us proud of finally our Countries accept to “help” this third world country by giving them one important event, that will almost make no impact to their lives, just We are seeing them happy and shouting for their country’s team.

THE SAME IS going on with USA’s general, a scandal only to do what? Cover another scandal, political error or the Invasion – Help  in another country, for what? Gaining influence to the dictator like the case of Cyprus (1974), a threat to be destroyed so they can exploit the land, the petrol,gems or whatever riches they have?

ARE WE HUMANS or inhumans? We should ask ourselves what we should do, I did it last night and as you, I just went to my bed and after 5 minutes I slept, leaving the air-conditioner working. We are not excused, we are wrong, we can change the world, each one by doing a bit for them, at least join a party that does something…

A NATION IS suffering and it is not the only one. We are privileged because our ancestors were slave traders, because they were slaughtering people, because because because … We should do something to change that, or else our democracy, our rights for all are nothing … we are the earth’s oligarchy covering each other, we are the few with privileges and not the whole with rights. THINK.


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