>Really disgusting, the USE of HUMANS’DEATH to promote one’s self

>I am not sure if I am doing it too, writing this about the “Murder by Justice” of a man to promote my ideas, my blog … but I am still doing it as a voice of opposition.

A story I found at the World News of Digg but already heard it on the TV (news), but what is the worst part of it? The part that somewhere, someplaces are using the old eye for an eye law killing the killers? What is the message? Kill or be killed? That’s what CREATES killers not stops them.

But what is the part of the story does Attorney General MarkShurtleff on his twitter page 
has done by sending this update? At least it is justifiable to announce by World Wide Web means some news that interest people. This is acceptable, ok I can’t say anything about the announcement, I just disagree with the execution. Of course, that was one of 3 announcements by Mr Mark Shurtleff. The problem was with the others especially with the one quoted next ” We will be streaming live my press conference as soon as I’m told Gardner is dead. Watch it at www.attorneygeneral.Utah.gov/live.html“.

I don’t know if this is a narcissist or a political statement,  or just a voice to draw attention. It is unethical to USE the death of even a guilty person to promote selfish purposes. I am quite doing it so right now, but I am against it (irony huh?), at least I am a person saying his opinion, but Mr Shurtleff has passed the limits to promote his speech stepping on corpses to do so. Personally I wouldn’t trust a man like him being the Attorney General of anything, at least my country’s ethical decisions such as the ones of Justice. Is he different that all the others that wage wars to the poorer nations for oil? Is he worst than the ones destroying the environment and the lives of others in the name of the Green God … The Money?

Mr. Shurtleff, I would support your right to your opinion as a part of your freedom of speech, but I Totally disagree and fight by the means I have in my disposal Your  opinion that I find not only wrong but uses the worst type of human usage as a tool … even by sentencing someone to death and happily announcing it. 


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