>Politics, Money and Power Vs the Us

>So much talk so much politics but the oil spill is still there and still hurting and will continue hurting the environment for months or maybe years. The ecological disaster has been done and we are still hearing talks about politics and economy where LIFE is involved. Now the life that is involved is Sea-Life, but it is only a part of the circle of life, this affects firstly the nearby environment and the birds preying on the fishes. But the circle will eventually spin a few degrees and the disaster will change theme, maybe affecting the land animals or the environment (even the under-water currents may transfer the oil and methane elsewhere), Earth is not bound by nations, Earth is a whole organism in a sum of all the organisms in the universe that each one can affect the other. We are now poisoning the only living environment we can have. People, politics, Money-sharks, you don’t think about other consequences other than money and politics that again leads to money and power, think at least that your children’s children may be rich and powerful enough to pay for safe shelter when Mother Nature strucks, but natural disasters are the giants that will crush the ants/humans and even if your grandchildren survive, their children will not be so lucky. Is it difficult to lose a small amount of power? Give up a mountain of money from the whole mountain range you have?

Articles I have found about the Oil Spill(latest):
from digg to CNN
Latest news by DFP


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