>ICTVC – International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication – Day One

>sAs a communication student, I fount Interesting the idea of a Typography and Visual Communication conference. Of course, typography is out of my field of study/knowledge and I was only interested in the visual communication part.

I was a little disappointed when I realized that everything had to be connected with design, Graphic design or such … Even if some of the topics were far too boring or just uninteresting to me, the only real problem was that the main concentration of the subjects for the first day was mostly in each presenter’s personal work and just a minor overview without the important (at least for me) the Hows and the Whys, making them mostly academic to academic … meaning a closed circle of professionals and not educational enough for someone like me hanging in the line that differentiates design and communication.

Until the end of the day, I found about 3 interesting topics that I will comment later and finally the reason which brought me there, or at least a new one. It might not be a conference that could help me as a professional in communication but bits of it could help in pars of my future work. Finally, it was a way to learn about a Communicator’s best partner, a Graphic or other designer, helping me understand and maybe later communicate better with them.

Keep following for more commenting of the Conference!!!
For the main website of the 4th ICTVC follow the link.


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