>ArchWizard of Falconfar by Ed GreenWood

>My favorite type of books is fantasy ones, where fairy tales become real while I read them, when I feel that I am a hero of a fantasy age, a hero with powers, a hero of the most ethic of backgrounds, facing challenges, monsters and saving the weak. Another one of such books is the Falconfar trilogy of Ed Greenwood. By my mistake, I bought the second book and started reading … realizing my mistake a little after the first chapters of this book. I believe it to be something of a one of a kind, the kind that puts every fantasy writer in his/hers hero’s boots.
It is really incredible, how he managed to create a whole world and the most difficult, so many different characters and realistic scenes. His book is full of action and makes the reader (that’s me) anxious to turn the pages and read read and read. In this book, the fantasy writer of the realm finds himself inside his imaginative world and begins from nothing, without even knowing more than the basics of what is happening around him, maybe even less … Learning how to live and survive in these harsh lands, having mostly enemies who want to kill him and he alone must find a way to survive using his surroundings, the magic items he finds in the mysterious and full of traps places or his diplomatic skills some times.
However, it has a small downside, at least for my likes. In the whole book, the scenery changes really fast. Now, you will ask … HOW? The writer’s ability to create and sustain a lot of characters as heroes or enemies or whatever, does it in a way of giving them the same weight as the main character, changing the focus of the book from one place or person to another in just a few pages that sometimes may look like the main character is not the ArchWizard but another one of the “cast”. Thus, making the book a little tiring, as you have to think of it in a more 3D way than the basic storyline in a continues line. Of course, it might be a problem because of me, for the reason that I started reading from the second book and I found myself in a new world unprepared. Of course, that will not stop anyone from reading this incredible book, as it is a perfect fantasy world, so full and complete that can lure anyone at it making you relieve the adventure as another Rod Everlar, the ArchWizard of Falconfar.

You can find the books in Amazon.com:
Dark Lord: Book One of the Falconfar Saga
Dark Lord: Book One of the Falconfar Saga
Arch Wizard (The Falconfar Saga)
 Arch Wizard (The Falconfar Saga)
Falconfar (The Falconfar Saga)
Falconfar (The Falconfar Saga)


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