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The world has gone Flat and I hadn’t noticed it until today that they told me so…

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The world as we know it, is changing. It is changing so much, that its hard to keep track of it. But the world is not round anymore, and it has already started to change, becoming flatter every day with most of us not even knowing it. We need someone to tell it to us, to explain it, someone to make it simple and give it to us. That’s how I just realized it.
I am a student at the Cyprus University of Technology or CUT or TEPAK. I am studying Communications and Internet Studies. Our teacher has given us some “notes” from books that we need to read and study in order to be ready for our lessons, each Tuesday means another article, part of a book or something to study.
This time, I counted the pages … and they were 60. I had 2 days to read 60 pages of who knows how boring stuff. I read the first pages and they were … strange, the TV was showing … and as I am writing is still showing The Lord of The Rings – The Return of The King, one of my favorite movies. I was tempted to see the movie, or study. I kept on study, after the first 5-6 pages, I couldn’t even let the TV open, I had to read, I had to learn about this new flat world.
The TV is still showing one of my favorite movies and I still can’t do anything else but to comment it. Poorly translated, the name of the book is “The World is Flat” by Fridman T.
A brilliant journalist, if I can say by only reading this book. But he didn’t do it, but as a modern Columbus he discovered it, as every one of us will do sooner or later, as I have done reading his book (at least the first chapter…and I can’t wait to read the rest). How the “Once inferior countries” can be the center of commerce, how they got the power to “fight” for the jobs of the people that work at more advanced countries and take them. That’s how the weakest countries are becoming the muscle for the more advanced and it’s the if how the advanced countries don’t USE them correctly, how the weak will become the most powerful using the knowledge of their predecessors.
The world has gone flat, why?
Because with the power of the internet and the communications via cable and optic fibers or satellites, everyone has the same chance of working in a company in every part of the world.
The change started with Bangalore, with American companies in need of “muscle” for their most typical and simplistic jobs, but that “muscles” were educated specialists, just doing the typical jobs and letting the most important and difficult to the professionals at the US. Transforming the market into international, giving another meaning to globalization and the opportunities.
Now, not only a US citizen can work as a phone answerer or a secretary or even at a fast food answering machine, but anyone in every part of the world, or even maybe the one living next to the shop or the company, but with the difference that he or she will be working from his or her home or in a room with everyone else, in a company miles away, in another country or another continent (and just to mention it, that most researches show that happy people work harder and with better efficiency, that means working in a better place, or in your home is better for the employ AND the employer). That’s globalization to its full extend.
I got the same skills as you, that means I got the same chances as you, but I might leave in a country that I accept to be paid less, so, I am the one that gets the job. Then, you will be asking me, what about me, then I won’t have a job. But, no. You might lose your job, but it will be a new start, with your experience, or an opportunity to be the one in personal touch with the customer, you just change, because change is the most standard thing in the world. You might change to be the employer rather than the employ, or you might change to be the chief of staff that will order the ones working abroad.
Then, as I was reading it, I read an example about Clinics sending their files abroad to experts that will work when its night to you and you will have the results when you get to office at the morning. Then, I thought of my country and the problems I hear from time to time for the medical facilities. Why they are not doing it here too. If they can’t find or can’t pay a specialist because of budget or because there is no one here, then, they can pay for typical computer hardware and software that have become so cheap these last years and ask the professionals in countries in order to find the problem and then to find a solution(that means sending the patient abroad or the expert abroad instructs the doctor with no knowledge what to do through cameras to watch the patient and microphone and screens to communicate).
And that’s where I thought it. For change to become a standard, someone must start it. Because an avalanche to happen, a snowball must be thrown. So, I came to realize, that I am studying in order to become the one to throw the snowball.
It is time for Cyprus to change, so that a new era will start and we wont be found unready. Because the world is becoming flat and we might wake badly when we still think that our earth is round and someone comes and tells us: “But, the world has gone flat, haven’t you heard it?”. That’s why I give you all the challenge and first of all, to the new generation, the ones that are leaving school to find their way to the society. Even if you are the ones to go to the college, or start your own business, or work at the most humble of all the professions, you are not expected, but if you think of it, YOU must throw that snowball and start the change and everyone will throw then theirs and make the avalanche even larger and that avalanche will bring the same results as if the World has become flat in one day.
Don’t hear anyone that says that internet and the new technologies are bad, but you should see WHY they are bad and how to change it, how to use it, how to emerge a new MAN or WOMAN from the challenge and evolve.
Because as the writer Fridman T. said, “The World has gone flat and I was sleeping”, don’t let that happen.

The World Is Flat [Further Updated and Expanded; Release 3.0]: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century
The World Is Flat [Further Updated and Expanded; Release 3.0]: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century 


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