>A new art form

>Art is born by the need for expression. A need familiar to most of the people. A need that has helped humanity create impressive artworks, extraordinary buildings, statues of all shapes and sizes, all expressions of inner emotions, thoughts or needs, even the need to just create something that you are proud of.
Every artist finds his/hers own way of expressing his/hers inner self into something that others can see and understand, as a way of communicating a message. You have seen modern art forms,older and newer ways of expression each one different in its own way. Now, a young artist finds his way of expression in the form of the simplest of windows’ programs, the windows’ paint program.
His brush, a mouse, his palette the paint’s toolbar, his canvas the screen and his expression unique. A program not designed for that kind of professional work but still the tool for an incredible result. If you are interested in watching a new for of expression, a fresh art-form and an incredible way of showing it, you can watch the following video, a portrait of Avril Lavigne, if I am not mistaken.


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