>Ecological Disaster!

>It is last month’s news and it is terrible news. I am thousands of miles away and I feel shocked every time I hear about this. A big mistake, or a big accident … whatever it is I call it disaster. An ecological one that could affect everyone, everywhere.
Most people might watch about it on the news, or hear or even read about it … But all must raise their voice. Our planet is in danger because of us, because of our mistakes, our greed, our overuse. We are already testing the limits of Earth and now with this we will be responsible for the destruction of an enormous part of ocean life, an enormous part of the cycle of life removed, the repercussions  of this will soon be visible.
But why am I writing all these? Why I am telling you what already is common knowledge?
Because it is our role, our responsibility to act. We don’t HAVE to act, we MUST act, for our present and our future and the future of our close people and our children and the ones yet to come. The environment is essential to the survival of our species, we might survive and die of quite normal reasons and most of the politicians and people with the most power in the world might see only the beginning of the repercussions that nature has in store for us.
BP is now responsible for a big “accident” and  is trying to undo it, but is it enough? No, it isn’t, my opinion is that BP must punished after the solution of the problem, punished in court, by fine or any other way that it will make an example for other companies that are taking the same risks as them as to ensure that this will not happen again.
However, I have read articles about the American government doing nothing and spending no resources to help, is it economical or a matter of resources and human workers that does not afford to spare? I think that the American government must finally understand that when anyone mentions about the whole world, or a global something and a global anything, America is a part of the world and not the other way around, or above or just outside. I am a University student in Cyprus and I feel it like it is my problem and you have probably never heard of my country, but the American government doesn’t feel it like they have to act? Shame!


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