>Israel’s attack to the activists!!!

>I really do not know what to write about this … It is just unacceptable and I felt the urge to comment against the attack as another voice opposing any bloodshed done by people to other people. Every act of violence against anyone is plainly wrong and the worst of all is war. I understand the rules of war, that there are no rules and everything is acceptable, but war itself is unacceptable. But this time Israel has crossed a thin line attacking people from other countries and killing them for the selfish act to offer their support to their fellow humans.
We can see 2 opposite behaviors here. A multicultural world, different people, from different countries, religions etc uniting in the purpose to help other people regardless who or what they are against the brutality of war and war crimes against everyone, even helpless civilians … The heartless machines that are called soldiers were under command to do this by imperialists that call themselves generals and politicians. At least they are not hiding behind others or by “selfless” actions of protecting their peoples’ lives and interests …
War is a crime, the worst of all … Just that …

You can protest against it too by signing the petition here: Avaaz.org


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