>A threat to freedom of speech

>Last weeks a dialog has opened in the political scene of Cyprus. This begun with the arrest for questioning of a blogger with his only crime being of monitoring a blog in which a threatening comment from another user was published.
The blogger was arrested in the 6th of May from his house and the police took his laptop along with his wife’s laptop for the purposes of their investigation. All of my information came from online sources, so I can’t be sure of the authenticity of the information in its entirety. But the most important of all was the arrest and the confiscation of the two laptops was a really ugly blow to the freedom of speech, especially when the blog and all its content is hosted in the blogger’s servers ( Christofias-Watch) and the confiscation was totally unnecessary and even a part of conspiracy because of its critical views to the Cypriot Government. I do not suggest that the Government had an involvement, but it is one way of viewing the situation as the silencing of the the online opposition, of course, this might have happened because of the absence of the technical knowledge by the Cyprus’ Police and the need to finally create laws and departments responsible  for the correct treatment of such situations.
However, it is a real tragedy for our rights and especially when the old laws can’t be applied in their full capacity and meaning through the internet and its new media. A new age is arising and it needs new laws, new technology and open minded people to accept and interact with our future, especially in the government sanctioned agencies and departments such as the police.
More information (but in greek) you can find here bananiagr.


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